Camp Counselor


Your Name: Jasmine-Symone Gates

Hometown: Bittburg, Germany


What is your “Specialty”?: I’d say my specialty is creating a crazy energetic party, making bad jokes that’ll have you laughing and a sick playlist to ensure you get a challenging workout that’ll leave you feeling accomplished and bodacious.

What do you love about teaching? I really love engaging with others and helping them realize their potential, be that physical and/or mental. If i’m able to create a class where someone actually smiles during the workout and feels empowered afterwards, then that makes me feel accomplished. Sometimes people just want a fun outlet after a long workday and it’s humbling that Buttcampers give me a chance to offer that. I treat all my clients as friends because honestly the relationship you have with your trainer should be like a friendship.

What do you love about your butt?: I love how strong my butt is. I always tell my Buttcampers, a strong booty is literally unstoppable.

What’s most exciting about teaching at Beebe’s Buttcamp?: Ooo so many things, but the best part is the look on a Buttcamper’s face when they return back to class and excitedly tell me how they’ve noticed a difference in their glutes and also how OTHERS have complemented their booty progress.

Favorite Booty Catchphrase?: “When in doubt, poke it out” It helps the buttclan remember to really push back into the hips when squatting.